24 October 2017

New 2017 Spruce / Maple Concert Guitar for Sale

This Spruce and Maple instrument was finished in September 2017 and it is now available for sale. It's the first guitar that I've built on spec in several years and is the culmination of much deliberation and experimentation into maple instruments. For more photos and full information please visit the Available Now page: http://www.scottclassicalguitars.com/available_now.html

Thank you, and have a great day.

5 May 2016

Used Short Scale Guitar For Sale

One of my short scale guitars from 2014 just came up for resale. It has a 613.5mm scale length with Euro spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides and elevated fingerboard. A really great sounding instrument in excellent condition.

See more photos and a full description on the Available Now page: http://www.scottclassicalguitars.com/available_now.html


9 November 2015

Now on Facebook

... I know, it's about time. I'm looking forward to being more connected, so please check it out and like if you're interested.

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and a link has been added at the bottom of each page of my website. You should even find one at the bottom of this page.


4 August 2015

2015 Cedar / EI Rosewood at Reverie Classical Guitars

The guitar before it was
French polished
The latest cedar and Indian rosewood guitar built for the GFA convention in Oklahoma City this June is now available at Reverie Classical Guitars, near Indianapolis. I have known David Conti, the owner, for several years and this is the first of hopefully many of my instruments to be offered through his store.

6 June 2015

Guitars Almost Ready For GFA 2015

Spruce / wenge bridge after an
application of French polish
The two instruments being built to show and that will be available for purchase at the GFA convention in Oklahoma City this June are almost ready.

8 May 2015

Four Guitars coming soon: Two For GFA 2015 & Two Orders

The past month has been busy with work on the current batch of four guitars, the most I've begun at once since 2008. Two of the four are now assembled and will be brought to the French polishing stage before I brace the soundboards and assemble the other two.

10 March 2015

The Floating Brace

Floating brace inside a
Miguel Rodriguez guitar
This January I was asked by a customer to install a floating brace into a couple of his guitars (which were built by different luthiers, not me)...

What the heck's a floating brace?