8 June 2014

This Week At Scott Guitars - A New Batch

Final thinning a set of sides
I've been gradually working away on a new batch of instruments. They've been a little slow to start since I'm making some new rosette parts at the same time, as well as purchasing wood, tuning machines and other materials.

Necks well under way
A side is in the bender, and some
rosette veneers are being glued. A back
awaits braces in the background.
I had the brilliant idea to make the biggest batch ever of borders and a new center pattern to use in rosettes. The border design was strips of white squares on a black background, and I prepared and glued up enough veneer to make 96 strips (it would take 2 strips to make the borders for one rosette). Long story short, several days into the project, it ended in marquetry disaster. Veneer glue-ups this size take so long for the glue to dry (if using water based glue, which I prefer), they are much more prone to cupping/warping due to uneven glue drying, and are too dense, with too many glue lines for any of my saws to accurately cut. ...So I ended up scrapping the whole works, salvaging just enough material to make borders for the next few rosettes. The center pattern had to be restarted again with new material. It was really upsetting, but I learned the size limit to my method of making wood inlays, and the limit to what my tools can accurately handle. When the parts are finally done and I have some rosettes to show, I'll explain more about the new design and the inspiration behind it.