9 August 2014

Since June...

Since summer started, it's been difficult to find the time (and enthusiasm - the sun doesn't shine much here in the winter) for making blog posts. But I have been taking photos over the past several weeks, so here is a mishmash of things since June...

June 20th - 25th: The GFA Convention in LA

Marc Teicholz trying one of the guitars
Alexander Dunn trying a guitar
The GFA was great - a lot of fun, many excellent concerts, and plenty of socialization for a guitar maker who spends so much time working alone. As usual, I met many great folks and heard some excellent feedback about my guitars. I always return home worn out, but inspired, and full of new ideas that I would never have come up with if I'd stayed home.

July: Back In The Shop 

The cedar guitar about to have
bindings glued on
Spruce guitar just after binding.
Neck shaping - removing most of the
material with a drawknife
The bridges in progress
Spruce guitar after some final sanding
Rosette in spruce top before sealing
Rosette in cedar top after sealing
The cedar guitar with soundboard
sealed, ready for pumice pore filling
The current couple of instruments are nearing completion. Since the last post, their soundboards have been braced, and their sides bent and lined. Next, the bodies were assembled, bindings installed, fingerboards glued on, fretwork and neck shaping were done, bridges made and glued on.... Now for finishing. Both are getting French polished soundboards and oil varnish on the backs, sides, and necks.

I had the cedar / Indian rosewood guitar strung up a few days ago. I was planning to make a recording of the guitar in the white (without pore filler or finish applied) to post here. The sound of a guitar in the white is so different in some ways from a finished guitar, so I though people would like to hear it. The sound is quieter with a beautiful warm, woody glow, but it's less crisp, with no sparkle. I always like to hear it for a short time, but prefer the after finish sound. I'm not sure how well a recording can convey the quality, but thought making some before and after sound samples was worth a try. Unfortunately I ran out of time that day and moved on with finishing. I'll definitely do the recordings with an upcoming guitar soon though.

Last But Not Least: New Guitar Sent To Savage Classical Guitar

A few days ago I sent a new guitar to the dealer Savage Classical Guitar in Bay Shore, NY. It's the cedar / Indian rosewood instrument with elevated fingerboard and a sound port that accompanied me to the GFA. Check it out on the Savage website. 

Thanks for reading!