15 February 2014

The Last Two Weeks

Over the past couple of weeks, the main task has been finishing. Both guitars of the current batch were pore filled, then the cedar instrument got a full French polish finish, while the spruce one had its soundboard French polished but the rest of the guitar is getting an oil varnish finish. I love the durability of oil varnish, and its most amazing deep glossy appearance, and its crisp, loud sound once it's fully cured. To be honest, the only reason I don't use it for all of my guitars is because of the solvent toxicity. Even if it's thinned with pure turpentine, which smells awesome, the vapors are really toxic. Varnishing just can't compete with the peaceful, enjoyable process of French polishing. I've experimented with many products and some non-toxic eco-friendly varnishes too, but unfortunately haven't yet found any of those options to make satisfactory guitar finishes.

So the cedar / Indian rosewood guitar that was built on spec. is now set up and completely finished, and the spruce / wenge one still needs another week or so as oil varnish requires much more drying time between coats. Waiting for varnish to dry was a good opportunity to pick out materials and to join soundboards and backs for the upcoming batch of instruments.