2 February 2014

This Week at Scott Gutiars

This past week I worked on finishing bridges, fretting, final sanding both guitars, gluing the bridge on to the cedar guitar, and on Friday stringing up the cedar guitar in the white in order to make any last modifications to the resonances before beginning French polishing.

Thursday I made a little field trip to Victoria to visit with Bradford Werner and to show him a recent guitar. A spruce and Madagascar rosewood instrument finished in December. I spent the morning having a great chat and catch-up with him and Marcus Dominelli, then went to Marcus's workshop for some more inspiring guitar talk and to see some of his latest projects. Marcus is another luthier I've known since I started building guitars in the late 90's. Bradford Werner is a guitarist and guitar teacher who I've also known for many years - since my university guitar studying days. He writes a couple of well-read blogs on classical guitar.